Professional Development

Bring your research to an international audience the quick and easy way by having your manuscript translated into English by our team.

Conference Presentation Preparation

Publishing in journals is important, and presenting your work in person at international conferences is also a valuable part of your professional development.

Considering that many people find public speaking challenging even in their native language, it is not surprising that the idea of presenting in English can be very intimidating for non-native English speakers. However, our conference presentation preparation services can help you feel confident to share your work on the international stage.

We proofread your visual aids (posters, PowerPoint presentations, etc.).

Based on your article or visuals, we help you prepare summary notes to guide your oral presentation, working with you to ensure you convey the most important details of your work clearly and accurately. We provide an audio recording of a native speaker presenting from your notes, which will help you practice the pronunciation of difficult vocabulary and improve your overall intonation and delivery. We can help you prepare for Question and Answer sessions by preparing notes for expected questions and practicing with role-plays. Let us help you make your dreams of presenting at an international conference a reality!

CV and Cover Letter Editing Services

The first impression is the only one that matters. We can polish the language of your CV and cover letter, and if necessary advise you on how to improve them in order to make the most impact and allow your education and experience speak for themselves.

Reports and Presentations

Let your results get noticed, not your language mistakes. In this competitive world, it is more important than ever to make the best impression possible on your superiors and colleagues alike. Before you send a report or make a presentation, we can edit your document or PowerPoint presentation so that your work earns you the positive attention you deserve.